Our Latest Project

Earlier last month we were approached by a contracter to create a drapery for Red River Theatre.  At first it seemed like an easy project. We were under a time frame crunch and of corse no project goes as planned. 

The fabric was ordered and came in.  Then the call came to change the drape from staionary panels to closing panels.  Needed more fabric.  We ordered more fabric and began to work on the drapery for the screen. The valance and bottom skirt were on hold until the screen was installed. Once the screen was installed we measured for the final curtains.  

The drapery was just about completed when I get a call from the contractor saying the soffet where the drapery was to be installed needs to be torn out. The screen needs to be raised amd therefore the drapery needs to be longer.  OH CRAP! 

Fortunately the bottom hem was a 5 inch double hem and the soffet was 6 inches.  We were able to take the hem down and make it smaller to accomodate these changes. Once the screen was raised we adjusted the valance and bottom skirt accordingly and did manage to get it done.  A week after the deadline but with all those changes that was pretty incredible.