Butterfly Pillows
Butterfly Pillows

Beautiful Butterfly Pillows

These pillows are a natural linen weave with Bright green embroidered butterflies.  Two of these pillows are embroidered butterflies on both sides of the pillows and two are backed with this polyester Susan Sargent Cartwheel motif. The inserts are 95/5 feather/Down.

20"x20" 25.00 each or all four for 80.00

These pillows are a texture polyester dupioni with beautiful yellow Flowers and Taupe leaves.  These pillows are Flower pattern on both sides of the pillows with self welting. The inserts are 95/5 feather/Down.

18"x18" Pillows 25.00 each

Yellow Flower Pillows

Balloon Tapestry Pillows

Balloon Tapestry Printed Pillows

I have two 18"x18" down pillows in this unique balloon upholstery fabric. Neutral backgound with blues, reds and gold in the balloons.  

18"x18" Pillows 20.00 each 

Red and Green Plaid Pillow

Plaid  Pillow

I have one 16"x20" polyfill pillows in a striking combination of red, green gold and blue plaid. This pillow will brighten any space. 

16"x20" Pillow 20.00 

Navy Blue Aztec Pillows

These pillows are a  striking White and Navy cotton aztec print with navy blue chenielle brush fringe. The inserts are Polyfill.

11"x24" Pillows 20.00 each

Candy Pink "Girly" Pillows

I have two 11"x15"  candy Pink and White pillows. They are trimmed in this unique Blue and pink ball trim.  

Pillows 10.00 each 

Jacobean Floral Pillows

This beautiful pink, green, purple, jacobean Linen/Cotton Blend has a very unique color combination. It is trimmed in a coordination brush fringe in the same color combination.

18"x18" Down Filled Pillows 25.00 each