Our Latest Project

Unfortunately I do not have a new project at this time as I have been out of work nursing a shoulder surgery.  It has put me way behind in my list of projects but I am slowly getting back up to speed.

My list has been growing since I reached out letting my clients know that I would be out of work for sometime.  I have tried to find someone interested in learning the business and work along side with me but have been unsuccessful.

Being out of work for a while has given me a chance to re-evaluate my business, try to regroup, and catch up on some much needed reorganization.  I have been working with some wonderful installers.  I have not been up to doing installs now and find this shoulder will take a long time to get back to normal. I have cleaned all my files, sold some fabrics,  got my books in order, and clean my workroom. I am getting to that stage in my life that I am thinking of retiring and would like to still find someone interested in learning this business and possibly take over my clients when ready.  if anyone is interested or knows of someone I would love to talk.

I am not very good with updating my website and that is what I am working on right now while I slowly get back to a sewing schedule.  I have a list of clients that need me and the list is just getting longer.  I want to say that I appreciate how thoughtful and understanding everyone has been and will do my best to get these done.

Thnak you for all your support!